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Uniden Lrd850 Oled Laser Radar Detector With Memory, Voice Alert & Electronic Co

Product Features

  • Super Long Range Laser Radar Detection, Advanced K Band Filter
  • Voice Notifications
  • Easy to Read OLED Display
  • Spectra 1 and IV undetectable, Separate Strength Meter

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  1. 2014 Pony says:

    Good Budget Detector With Very Good Range. Does Lack Some Features of Higher End Models I just received this unit and took it for a 120 mile ride. The unit alerted to several police radar sources, and most of the detections were at a respectable range. One detection occurred when the source was at least a 1000 ft. away and off at a right angle to the detector.The Uniden filters out most blind spot monitors. In the 120 miles of driving, two got through. One was a Cadillac SUV. False signals from other sources, such as automatic door openers, will set the detector…

  2. Vortex says:

    Insane bang for the buck The LRD850 offers an insane amount of performance for the money. What if I told you it could outperform the most expensive windshield mount radar detector on the market, the Max360? (http://amzn.to/20hG3Uv) This detector doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but when it comes to radar detection itself, you’re getting a lot of performance for the money. Here’s an example test showing the LRD850 vs. the Max360 and the Redline testing on 34.7, the most popular radar frequency in use…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely amazing! This is beyond question the BEST budget radar detector! I don’t write reviews but this has worked so well for me that I felt I should share it! Check out how well it has done in real test on rdforums.com and see for yourself! Great detection at long range! So long that I thought it was falsely detecting until I finally got to the police car! I live in the mountains and it detects around bends and over hills. However If in heavy traffic you do get quite a few K band alerts…

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