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Uniden R1 DSP Extreme Long Range Radar and Laser Detector w/GPS

Experience the unsurpassed range with the Uniden R1 radar detector!

With the convenient GPS feature you can get Red light camera alerts, Mute memory false alerts, or mark location.

Digital Signal processor
Extreme radar sensitivity
GPS with red light camera alerts
Free GPS database updates
Quiet Ride – User set speed auto mute
Color OLED display
K false filter
KA false filter
Spectre Elite undetectable
Single suction cup bracket included
Double suction cup bracket included
Cigarette adapter with “Mute Key” and USB Jack
Carrying case included.

Product Features

  • 360 Degree Digital Signal Processor
  • GPS With Red Light Camera Alerts
  • Quiet Ride – User Set Speed Auto Mute
  • K False Filter / KA False Filter

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks Like A Winner I drive for a living, about 30K-40K annually. Have used several detectors spanning 22 years. This R1 replaced an Escort X50, which served me well but became increasingly prone to false K-band alerts on the highway. Escort offers no upgrades or repeat sale discounts (I’ve owned 3 of them), so screw them – I went looking elsewhere.I like the size of the R1. My old X50 was pretty compact, but this one is noticeably smaller. Not by a whole lot, but smaller is better. Comes with a…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fair, honest review. So, if you want an honest review, you’re looking at the right one. I’m just an average Joe. I love technology, and love having the latest and greatest. I have used radar detectors for over 15 years. I know what detectors are complete junk, and which ones are worth the money. There is a police officer that likes to sit on the interstate almost daily, and he runs K and KA band. He’s typically in about the same spot. To be honest, this picks him up as well as the 8500 X50 I owned. I have yet to…

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