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Whether you need a stronger cellular signal to call your friends, text your spouse, or surf the web. The Uniden UM50 Car/RV/Boat quint band cellular signal booster kit has you covered on all 3G and some 4G networks!

This kit is well suited for urban and rural environments. Whether you are on the road, on the trail, or on the water, you will enjoy crisp, clear and consistent cellular signal with the Uniden UM50 Car/RV/Boat quint band cellular signal booster kit. The kit is easy to install and works with all 3G and some 4G networks for all the major cellular carriers. You can wirelessly connect up to 20 mobile devices, whether you are using your smart phone, tablet, or mobile internet hub, you will enjoy increased coverage while you areon the go!

Treat yourself, your family and your colleagues to crystal clear phone calls and lightning fast data speeds and make dropped calls a thing of the past. Getting better cellular signal has never been easier with a name you know and trust!

This Cellular Booster kit includes:
Uniden UM50 Cellular Booster (uni-2021-cp)
Uniden Outdoor Magnet Mount Omnidirectional Antenna & 10 ft of cable (uni-381)
Uniden Indoor Sticker Mount Directional Antenna & 10 ft of cable(uni-382)

12V lighter plug power adapter

What you will like most about our solutions:
Connects Wirelessly with up to 20 simultaneous devices including smart phones, data cards and tablets
Dual Band 850 & 1900 MHz frequency range
50 db Maximum Gain
Lifetime service and technical support
Easy plug and play installation
60 Day satisfaction guarantee
2-Year warranty

Product Features

  • Enjoy crystal clear phone calls & lightning fast data speeds; Guaranteed To Increase Your Cellular Signal – 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Eliminate missed and dropped calls & extend coverage to get rid of dead zones
  • This kit is great for Urban & Rural environments on the road, in the trail or on the water
  • Compatible with all carriers 3G & 4G networks (except Iden/Nextel)
  • Supports Up To 20 Devices including smart phones, data cards and tablets

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