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Take our Multi-band Lamborghini-shaped Moving Speed Testing Car Radar Detector with Mini USB along and enjoy a worry-free driving. Designed to warn the driver of the existence of road camera or speed measuring radar in advance, our car radar detector could help you avoidsome loss caused by traffic tickets or deduction. It is useful for detecting full-band K-band, KA-band, NK-band, X-band and supports car speed & location display and on-time alarm. You can slow down in good time according to the displayed distance between your car and road camera. Furthermore, limited speed alarm, cruise control, automatic overspeed alarm are all supported. And the stylish car shape must make it irresistible. Detection Range 0 – 2500m, Detection Angle 360°, Power DC 12V, USB Port Mini USB, Compatible with GPS Navigator, Wireless Duplex Transmission Frequency 2.4GHz ± 410MHz, X Band 10.525GHz ± 100MHz, Ka Band 34.700GHz ± 1300MHz, Ku Band 13.435GHz ± 125MHz, K Band 24.150GHz ± 175MHz, VG-2 11.5GHz, Laser 904nm ± 33KMHz, Strobe 700nm ± 300nm, Language Russian / English, Weight 3.42oz / 97g, Dimensions (5.31 x 2.56 x 1.18)” / (13.5 x 6.5 x 3)cm (L x W x H), Color: Black, Packing includes : 1 x Car Radar Detector, 1 x In-car Charger (12V), 1 x English User Manual, 1 x Non-slip Mat

Product Features

  • Suitable for detect radar full band X, K, KA, NK
  • With car speed, orientation display and on time alarm functions
  • Can display the distance of electronic eye and target for slowing down
  • Speed-limiting alarm function and cruise control function
  • Could detect frequency from 360 degree, enhance early warning system

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