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Charge all your mobile devices in the car together – and now up to four times faster! The universal high speed multi charger will charge up to three devices at the same time in a high speed port. Suitable for a variety of USB devices, such as mobile phones and navigation devices. Compatible with the iPad, portable DVD players, and other high voltage devices.

Product Features

  • Universal (compatible with any GPS device)
  • Charge up to 3 devices at the same time with the high speed multi charger
  • High speed port charges 4x faster than other devices
  • Suitable for USB devices such as mobile phones and navigation devices as well as high voltage devices

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  1. Anthony DeMore says:

    Tom Tom Universal High Speed Multi-Charger After doing considerable research decided to get this car charger. I have 4 devices and have tried them all: Tom Tom GPS, Amazon Kindle Fire, Motorola cell phone and a LG cell phone. The results are:12 Volt socket: Tom Tom GPS charges normally1.2 Amp USB : Kindle Fire, Motorola cell and LG cell charge normally2.1 Amp USB : Kindle Fire and Motorola cell charges normally, LG cell does NOT chargeNote that the LG cell phone seems to only charge with certain…

  2. Kicksking says:

    Great Idea, Poor Execution The primary reason I bought this charger was to charge my phone, while occasional using it to charge multiple devices at once. It BARELY charges one device adequately. Even after driving for a half hour and not using my cell phone at all, the battery will only increase 2-4% MAX. I don’t expect it charge exactly like the regular cable does. However, the product description makes a point of saying it will charge 4X’s faster. This is simply misleading and completely false. One of the ports is even…

  3. J. Clark says:

    Perfection! 0

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