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****We suggest you have the arm resting on your dashboard to help with little shaking while driving****. Compatible: MP4, CELLPHONE,GPS 360 ROTATING ANGLE SHOCKPROOF EASY INSTALL Discretional adjust 3.2 to 6 inch. Color Black ** Please remove plastic cover from suction before installing**

Product Features

  • **A MUST TO HAVE WITH NEW DRIVING LAW EFFECTIVE 2017** Fully Adjustable: 360 degree rotation mechanism that can be adjusted to landscape or portrait view flexible gooseneck rotating clamp gives you virtually any viewing angle while driving your vehicle
  • **PERFECT for Lyft and Uber drivers**, Long Flexible 4″ Arm allows for easy positioning, bring the phone closest to the driver. For all Samsung and Apple Phones
  • Adjust to 3.2 x 6 inches with easy clip and very strong suction **BE SURE TO REMOVE THE PLASTIC COVER FROM THE SUCTION BEFORE INSTALLATION*
  • Shockproof with easy loading and unloading with custom-fitted clamp without leaving any scratch marks even as you remove or place them back
  • Mount on any Car or Boat windshield or AC Shelve Casing Unit but NOT on rubberized dashboards.

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  1. Diane Brunner says:

    I LOVE this product

  2. O. Fetch says:

    Very poor quality. Not sure if it can be returned …

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