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Thinkrace presents the ideal real-time vehicle GPS tracker that could be used to monitor single or multiple vehicles at once. Works well with iOS, Android, and web browsers to provide one click tracking conveniences. Active SIM Card comes pre-installed with data plan. Thinkrace Inc. has setup a corporate account with AT&T; and we can give our customer the lowest flat rate for unlimited data plan. Thinkrace GPS are factory default to USA wireless network specifications; therefore, guarantee to work across USA. GPS can also worked in Canada and Mexico with our international upgrade plan at 25$/mn paid annually (5$ more than default USA plan) No internal battery, this GPS draw power directly from vehicle and it come with a cigar charger plug with no wiring required, and for covert operation we also provide a split wire to connect to any power lines in your car. www.thinkrace.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9bqnPCz1Sg

Product Features

  • Plug and Play with active SIM pre-installed with unlimited data plan
  • Real Time Tracking: Location update every 10 seconds(20$/mn)
  • Customer live support, based in Vancouver, BC
  • No wiring necessary, but may be hidden if needed
  • Unlimited data plan with tracking app(20$/mn), with 30 days trial period. Based on annual subscription

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