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Vectu – Locating Made Simple sold by WCB Direct

Vectu Portable Vehicle tracker is perfect for tracking all kinds of vehicles, from cars, motorcycles and scooters to electric bikes and golf carts.

Enjoy peace of mind with GPS & GSM enabled Vectu Vehicle Tracker, knowing that you can locate your vehicle anytime, anywhere. Vectu GPS tracker comes with an installed SIM card, which allows you to use it anywhere in the world where GSM reception exists (excludes Japan, S. Korea & N. Korea).

Live tracking – location updates every 60-seconds when your vehicle is moving
Works worldwide anywhere GSM cellular reception exists (excludes Japan, S. Korea & N. Korea)
First year’s service fee included -worldwide coverage with free roaming
Geofence – create a geofence and receive alerts whenever Vectu exits this area
Speed alerts -set a speed limit and be alerted immediately if it is exceeded
Arm feature – create an instant Safe Spot around the device and be alerted, if it moves from that location
Help button that sets off an alert in case of emergency
Instant SMS/Email/Push notifications
Multiple users -share vectu with family members, friends or care givers
Add up to 4 additional phone numbers and 4 email addresses to receive notifications
View multiple devices on a single map
Connect as many vectu devices as you wish to myAspenta app
Histotrack -historical trip view
Battery:3000mAh LiPo
Supply Power: 5V USB
90-days location reports & heat map

Easy To Setup:
Download the myAspenta app from App Store or Play Store or access online at myAspenta.com
Login or register
Activate the Vectu locator using serial number provided on the back of the device

The Package Includes: Tracker device with installed SIM card & Integrated Rechargeable Battery + Micro USB cable + Quick Start Guide Product

Product Features

  • WORKS WORLDWIDE – Use of GPS & GSM Network, Vectu can be located via web or smartphone app anywhere GSM (2G) cellular reception exists. No roaming charges.
  • Deliver Vectu with an installed SIM. FIRST YEARS’ SERVICE FEE INCLUDED – Low renewal cost – only $36/year after the included 12 month service period is over. No Activation Fee.
  • GPS based solutions are cost prohibitive whereas products from Vectu remove roaming costs and therefore provide the most cost effective solution worldwide.
  • INSTANT NOTIFICATIONS -Unlimited user alerts via text, email, and in-app notifications (Low Battery Alert, Help Alert, Over speed Alert, Geofence Alert, Power Connect/Disconnect Alert, Unauthorized Movement)
  • EASY TO USE myAspenta APP -Free Android, iOS and web app. Working in tandem with Vectu , the myAspenta mobile/web app provides all the tools needed to securely control and monitor people and things that are most important to you.

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  1. Galaxy Tech Review says:

    Compact and full of features! The Vectu Portable Vehicle Tracker is a great piece of Tech!The Vectu Tracker comes with 1 free year of GSM service right off the bat, so I thought that was great. It does have GSM SIM card inside the unit. You can activate it through their website and create a free account. Once you have an account you can do all kinds of nice features, like geofencing and adding contacts that will get alerts from the unit when they hit the…

  2. Anonymous says:

    This Vectu Portable Vehicle Tracker is amazing! It is loaded with features that I am so excited about. It works worldwide too and works in unison with an app that you install on your phone. You can see some screenshots of the app I’ve added to this review. The unit itself is designed ergonomically and measures 7.8 x 5.6 x 1.5 inches. It’s small and slim design allows you to easily stow it away anyplace. The first time you charge the unit, you must let it charge for at least 6 hours…

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