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The best just got better. Since its introduction, the VXi BlueParrott B250-XT has been widely regarded as the best Bluetooth headset for high-noise environments, especially  professional trucking. Now we’ve built upon that market-leading foundation, with the BlueParrott B250-XT+. It’s everything you loved about its predecessor and much more. The B250-XT+ now features enhanced Xtreme Noise Suppression technology, so it knocks out even the most aggressive noise. We’ve also added wideband audio, for more natural, easy to understand sound quality and increased talk time to 20+ hours per charge. Plus A2DP support lets you use it with music players, GPS and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Product Features

  • Be heard clearly with the industry’s best noise canceling – guaranteed.
  • Stream audio from Bluetooth-enabled devices. Use with two cell phones or a phone and PC.
  • Make your phone a walkie-talkie with the VXi BlueParrott App. Push to talk to one person or a group on Android or iOS phones.
  • Understand every word with wideband audio.
  • 20+ hours of talk time per charge. Comfortable and durable.

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  1. R. Holen says:

    Very Pleased With This Unit Due to the new regulations going into effect on January 3rd of 2012 where commercial drivers are required to go hands free on their cellphones and no texting allowed, I decided to try a more comfortable bluetooth unit. I have been using a Motorola HX-1 bone conduction model for a year or so, and found that it would get annoying after about five hours and I’d have to take it out. That’s not really an option now, to use the phone I have to be hands free for the whole day. This new version of the…

  2. J. Toler says:

    Crystal Clear reception! Purchase the PLUS model! I purchased this item for my dad because of the new law regarding truck drivers talking on cell phones while driving. He was torn on purchasing this model, or purchasing a smaller more fashionable model. This was a GREAT purchase. He is not a “techy” person at all, and it was so easy, he set up the headset on his new phone with no help at all.After using the unit for about 3 weeks now:He can hear people better than before when just talking on the phone itself. When others…

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