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Whether you’re making a call or using GPS, the weBoost Drive 3G-M keeps all your cellular devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops seamlessly connected wherever you go.


Staying connected is essential, but it can be difficult on the road. Hills, trees and distance from the signal source all affect call quality not to mention streaming services and GPS systems, all while draining your phone’s battery as it searches for service.


Drive 3G-M lets you use multiple devices simultaneously for complete wireless connectivity. It substantially improves your cellular signal strength, giving you the reliable voice and data coverage you need on all cellular-connected devices in the vehicle.


This device includes all components needed for installation:


  • Magnet-mount antenna
  • Inside antenna


Product Features

  • Boosts signal in your car for voice calling and text messaging.
  • Fewer dropped calls and lost connections.
  • Extends cellular signal range.
  • Longer battery life for cellular devices.
  • Compatible with all major U.S. and Canadian cell carriers including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    One of my best technology purchases. Honestly, one of the best $150 I have spent for technology. I’m familiar with the Wilson (now Weboost) cellular boosters, as we have a professional ($$ expensive) high power kit setup at our remote mountain cabin in Colorado and it is a life saver as without it I have zero bars.This automobile unit I purchased on a hope that it would help out with the commute thru the mountains along Highway 285 in Colorado where signals are very spotty once you get out of Denver area. I had hoped…

  2. Anonymous says:

    using it with tmobile + galaxy s4got a 1 bar boost is most areas i remembered to compare. i didn’t experience super boost… traveled from los angeles to vancouver, to south dakota, to texas, vegas, and back…i will test again with my new note 4 on my next trip…i went to cambria, ca and it didn’t work at all. i got very minimal signal with out it. i had to move around and i can make calls in certain areas. in the same area, i turned on the boost, and…

  3. Anonymous says:

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