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  • COMPATIBILITY: This we Boost Signal Booster is compatible with all US carriers including: AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, Straight Talk, U. S. Cellular and many more. *Government regulations in the U. S. prohibit boosting a particular frequency used by some of the Sprint network. Most Sprint customers still see performance improvement from we Boost signal boosters.
  • SIGNAL BOOSTER: The we Boost Drive 4G-X 470510 Cell Phone Signal Booster boosts your 4G LTE and 3G signal up to 32X for fewer dropped calls, higher audio quality, and faster uploads and downloads
  • VERSATILITY: The we Boost Drive 4G-X Cell Phone Signal Booster supports multiple devices so that everyone can experience enhanced 4G LTE and 3G signals.
  • FRUSTRATION FREE SETUP: we Boost cell phone signal boosters feature quick and easy, do it yourself installation. All components needed for installation are included, making for a seamless set up of your signal booster.
  • IMPROVED CALL QUALITY: The weBoost 4G-OTR Cellular Antenna Truck Edition improves voice quality as well as 4G and 3G data.
  • COMPATABILITY: This weBoost antenna is compatible with trucks, RVs, and homes.
  • HEAVY DUTY: The 4G-OTR Cellular Antenna Trucker edition is ruggedized and is designed for heavy-duty trucker applications.
  • INSTALLATION: The 4G – OTR Cellular Antenna Truck Edition comes with parts to accommodate multiple installation options. Included are 2 mast extensions, a 3-way antenna mount, side exit adapter, antenna spring, cable adapter, and thread lock packets.

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