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The Drive X RV is a powerful multi-user, in-vehicle cell signal booster—designed for use in all RV classes and towable trailers. Backed by up to 50 dB max gain (along with an enhanced, modular OTR RV antenna) Drive X RV delivers the strongest cell signal possible on all available network speeds. Whether parked or on the road, Rivers enjoy fewer dropped calls, better voice quality, uninterrupted texts, faster data speeds, better streaming, and improved hotspot capability. The Drive X RV kit comes with everything for DIY installation—including 25’ of RG-6 extender cable for ideal booster placement within RVs of any size. With side-exit adapter and mounting hardware, the OTR RV antenna fits universal CB-antenna mounts and exterior RV ladders. Drive X RV is compatible with all cell phones, hotspots, cellular-connected tablets, and other cell devices on all major US mobile carriers—including Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile. All we Boost boosters come with a 2-year .

Product Features

  • Boosts cell signal for multiple devices and users.
  • Compatible with ALL phones on ALL carriers.
  • Can be used when parked or while in motion.
  • Enhances talk, text, and internet connectivity

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