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Safeguard your family as well as provide portable power for work and play with the Westinghouse WH5500 gas-powered generator, which delivers 5,500 running watts of power and a maximum starting output of 6,750 watts while providing the owner with many features and benefits usually found on more expensive models.


The WH5500 gas-powered generator with 5,500 running watts and 6,750 starting watts (view larger).


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The WH5500 provides quiet operation via Westinghouse’s Pulse-Flo muffler, includes four standard household outlets ready to conveniently power your devices, and is easy to operate thanks to the simplified control center. It also includes everything to get started right out of the box, including a wheel kit and handle kit, oil, funnel, and tool kit. This generator is backed by a three-year limited warranty, and it’s EPA-approved.

Note for California residents: This model is not CARB-compliant. Units sold to California must be CARB-compliant.

Powered by a high output, durable 357cc Westinghouse XP Series engine, the WH5500 features an overhead valve design for excellent performance, cast iron cylinder sleeves for low oil consumption, and forged pistons and connecting rods for proven strength. Starting is easy thanks to the Comfort Grip manual recoil handle and compression release, plus the transistorized ignition provides lifetime ignition source. The efficient engine gives you up to 14 hours of run time at 50 percent load with its 6.6-gallon tank.

The low loss, high efficiency alternator laminations increase electrical output and decrease fuel consumption. Automatic voltage regulation provides reliable and precise voltage control for demanding applications. Its cast iron fan guard ensures safe operation, while the Maintenance free brush excitation ensures zero down time operation.

control panel

Easy-to-use control panel (view larger).

Featuring an all-steel construction and fully enclosed electrical connections, the WH5500 can withstand the harshest environments and weather. It features two 120 volt pushbutton circuit breakers for over current protection, a toggled mainline 240 volt circuit breaker for safe operation, and a quarter-turn Nema twist lock connector that provides a secure connection for available power cord and other devices.

Color coded touch points make the interface easy and intuitive. The combination of ergonomically designed dual folding handles and robust never-flat tires provide easy transportation to and from job sites.

What’s in the Box

Westinghouse WH5500 Portable Generator with wheel and handle kit (some assembly required); tool kit (with all tools needed for assembly); oil; funnel; operating instructions

Selecting the Right Generator

Westinghouse generators are perfect for protecting you and your family for those unexpected power outages, but are also useful for powering many home appliances such as electric ranges, security systems, home power tools, lights, radios, electronics, and more.

To select the perfect generator for your needs, you need to determine the starting watts needed for the item being started. The reason for this is that that tools and appliances with electric motors often require additional surge wattage at startup that can be double or triple the normal running wattage requirement. Look at the surge watts required and make sure you choose a generator with enough additional wattage to start them. (And remember that you’re typically not starting more than half of the items at the same time.)

Item Running Watts Surge Watts
Light Bulb 100  
Fan 200  
Sump Pump (1/2 HP) 1,000 1,000
Kitchen Appliance 750  
Radio 200  
Space Heater 1,000  
Refrigerator / Freezer 500 500

Item Running Watts Surge Watts
Cell Phone Charger 10  
Garage Door Opener 550 550
Security System 100  
Window AC Unit 1,200 1,200
Furnace Fan (1/2 HP) 900 1,100
Microwave 800  
Well Pump (1/2 HP) 1,000 1,000

Compare Westinghouse Portable Generators

Model WH3250 WH5500 WH6000S WH6500E WH7500E
Running Watts 3,250 5,500 6,000 6,500 7,500
Starting Watts 3,750 6,750 7,500 8,000 9,000
Engine 208cc Westinghouse OHV 357cc Westinghouse OHV 357cc Westinghouse OHV 420cc Westinghouse OHV 420cc Westinghouse OHV
Engine RPM 3,600 3,600 3,600 3,600 3,600
Outlets (120/240)   L14-30R 120/240 twist L14-30R 120/240 twist L14-30R 120/240 twist L14-30R 120/240 twist
Outlets (120) Four 5-20R 120V Four 5-20R 120V Four 5-20R 120V Four 5-20R 120V Four 5-20R 120V
Starting Manual Manual Manual Manual and electric Manual and electric
User Interface         Multi-function LCD
Frame Thickness 28mm 32mm 32mm 32mm 32mm
Fuel Tank 4 gallons 6.6 gallons 6.6 gallons 6.6 gallons 6.6 gallons
Run Time (@ 50% Load) 14 hours 14 hours 13 hours 13 hours 12 hours
Accessories Kit Oil, funnel, tool kit Oil, funnel, tool kit Oil, funnel, tool kit Oil, funnel, tool kit Oil, funnel, tool kit
Portability Kit 10-inch solid wheels, high leverage handle 10-inch solid wheels, high leverage handle 10-inch solid wheels, high leverage handle 10-inch solid wheels, high leverage handle 10-inch solid wheels, high leverage handle
Dimensions & Weight 23.7 x 16.9 x 16.7 inches (LxWxH); 168 pounds 27.2 x 20.5 x 22 inches (LxWxH); 168 pounds 27.2 x 20.5 x 22 inches (LxWxH); 179 pounds 27.2 x 20.5 x 22 inches (LxWxH); 194 pounds 27.2 x 20.5 x 22 inches (LxWxH); 201 pounds
Warranty 3-year limited warranty 3-year limited warranty 3-year limited warranty 3-year limited warranty 3-year limited warranty

Product Features

  • 5,500 Running Watts and 6,750 Starting/Surge Watts; 6.6 Gallon Fuel Tank – 16 Hour Run Time at 25% Load
  • Features a L14-30R 120/240VAC Twist Lock Power Outlet (Compatible with Westinghouse Transfer Switch) and 4x 120VAC Power Outlets
  • Features 357cc Westinghouse 4-Stroke OHV Engine with Iron Sleeve for Long-Lasting Durability and Low Maintenance
  • Plug-and-Play: Includes Oil, an Oil Funnel, and a Tool Kit to Get You Started Right Out of the Box (Minimal Assembly Required)
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty; Customer Service and Support at 1-855-WHHELP-1 (1-855-944-3571)

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    Great generator! If you’re in the market, stop looking and buy this one. Ordered this generator for my hunting camp. It ran 5 sets of fluorescent lights, a cordless battery charger, outside lights and flat screen TV with no problem. It easily handled the power surge from microwave and the coffee maker (but not at the same time), even on a 100′ heavy extension cord. I filled it with gas and placed it on the economy setting. I ran it for 9 hours the first day and about six hours the second day and it had some fuel left in the tank. At this rate I do not see the…

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    After over a year of research and nit-picking over all the important stuff: run time, clean continuous voltage delivery, wattage, ruggedness, and manufacture support, Westinghouse always made it onto the short list. The WH7500E meets all of these requirements in spades. And although my first understanding was that it was made in the USA, which it is not, it is supported by a very robust and helpful service team with centers located across the country. Not a single regret.UPDATE:…

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