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The Whistler 800 Watt Power Inverter XP800i features 2 USB ports for charging portable devices and can power a variety of tools or appliances from your car, boat or RV. The XP800i can convert your vehicle into the perfect mobile workstation allowing you to power mobile office equipment or tools such as a reciprocating saw or other handtools that draw up to 800 watts. The XP800i is compact, mountable, and includes direct wire cables.

Product Features

  • 800 Watts Continuous – 1600 Watts Peak Power
  • 2 AC Outlets – 2 USB Ports for powering/charging devices such as game systems, laptops, and more
  • Includes Direct Wire Cables
  • Built-in Cooling Fan Prevents Overheating
  • Electronic Circuit Protection which includes: Smart Surge Control, Overload/Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, and Thermal Cutoff

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  1. jnet says:

    Good price, works well This appears to be a great product. I’ve had good luck with other Whistler inverters and this is no different. I’ve been using it 24/7 for about a week now on a small solar set up with no problem. Idle current is less than .5 amp and under my max load – which is only about 150 watts – it runs without the cooling fan ever starting up. Three-position switch (Off, USB, USB + Inverter) is a great feature. I recommend it.EDIT: One small issue – I’m using the USB connector to power a…

  2. billmj says:

    this is the best one I’ve owned I’ve owned several small inverters as this one. I have to admit, this is the best one I’ve owned. I mainly use it for charging cell phones, kindle, laptops etc., so not using it at the high end of its wattage rating, but so far it’s been perfect. Very good quality build and the best part of this is its quiet!! Every other one I have owned has had a loud cooling fan. This one is quiet. I’ve only heard the fan come on once for a less then a minute. If I decide to purchase a larger inverter, I’m…

  3. A. Buckner says:

    Great company and product – just be aware of motor starting load I purchased the Whistler 2000 Watt Power Inverter XP2000i to provide backup power when the utilities are down so we can keep our food cold and run a few lights and charge phones and computers. I hooked it up to 3 large 12V AGM batteries. Running the refrigerator is key. I tested incandescent lights, an Apple laptop power supply, a small dehumidifier, a 2 HP induction motor, and several brush type motor powered saws. Starting current is an issue with the larger induction motor and small…

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