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Pro-Series Radar/Laser Detector with POP Detection

Product Features

  • 360º radar (X, K, Ka, superwide Ka) and laser detection
  • High-gain optical lens for increased laser sensitivity
  • Prioritizes incoming alerts if multiple alerts are received
  • VG2 undetectable with alert
  • Pulse and instant-on detection

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  1. Gradlife79 says:

    Best Detector < $100 I was a bit skeptical about this detector after reading the single bad Amazon review. There is also not much on the web about this specific model, although there are some good reviews about the Pro 73 and 1793SE (similar models) to be found using Google. I finally contacted Whistler directly and discovered that there are no differences between the 58 and 73 in terms of their antenna chassis or ability to detect radar/laser. Since I don’t need any of the extra features of the 73, I went ahead…

  2. Juan Gonzales says:

    Walkabout USA I recently drove from San Antonio, TX to Columbia, SC. to visit my son in Army Basic Training. The trip was rather long and I knew I would need some serious protection to travel to the east coast. I reviewed and researched radar detectors for a few weeks off and on. I finally settled for the Whistler Pro-58. I wanted something that was as modern and up to date as possible, and at the same time, be affordable. Being as we had not been to that part of the country before, I didn’t know what to…

  3. A. Grace says:

    big speeder I got this radar detector about a month ago and have since driven over 3000 miles with it averaging 15 mph over. I have had enough of a warning every time there has been a cop using radar. I one time I was with a few other cars going 120-125 mph and the ka warning came on, i only had enough time to get down to 80 but since every one ells was going faster i was not the one to get the ticket. This is not going to perform like the Vi, and i would not suggest major speeding 35+ over the limit…

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