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The pro-68se:enhanced high performance!detects laser atlanta stealth modethree (3) filter modes provides extra filteringblue numeric icon displayintellicord ready – program which features intellicord controlspatented pop mode detectionexclusive low profile alert periscopestotal band protection – selectable360° total perimeter protection 3 city modes/highway modehigh gain lenstone alertsstay alertdim/dark modesquiet/auto quiet modesalert prioritysetting savervehicle battery saversafety warning system – swsincluded accessories: – power cord – direct wire kit – windshield mount – dash padWhistler�s PRO-68SE offers enhanced high performance, 360-degree, total-band protection, alerting you to laser, radar, VG-2 and safety radar bands. The brilliant blue numeric icon display is easy to read no matter the time of day, and competitive features like City/Highway modes, Quiet and Auto Quiet modes, or Whistler’s own ‘Stay Alert’ feature make it a solid choice for a little extra defense behind the wheel.

A solid choice for a little extra defense behind the wheel.
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4.90 x 3.15 x 1.40 inches and just 5.6 ounces.

This unit features Whistler’s low-profile “alert periscope” LEDs that flash when the unit alarms.

Blue Numeric Icon Display
The brilliant icon display provides distinct visual confirmation of signals detected, signal strength, and indicates engaged modes of operation.

Three Filtering Mode
There are times when a radar detector can emit the same frequency as police radar and can cause your detector to falsely alarm. Sometimes a detector can display a signal when picking up another radar detector in vehicle close by. The Whistler Filter Mode options provide additional signal processing to minimize the occurrences of these false alarms. Filter mode provides normal processing. Filter 1 and Filter 2 modes provide additional signal analysis before alarming.

Add the Whistler INTELLICORD and you’ll be able to remotely control the radar detector in settings such as power on/off, city modes, dim/dark and quiet/auto quiet with a simple press of a button.

POP Mode Alerts
There are new guns out there that operate just like the instant-on guns of the past but with a very tough new twist–POP mode. This new gun is a normal K and Ka band radar gun detectable by most radar detectors made in the past 30 years until it’s in POP mode. When the gun is in POP Mode and activated, a brief burst of energy, less than 1/15 of a second, is transmitted and the vehicle’s speed is quickly acquired. A detector without POP Mode detection capability cannot respond to this brief transmission. This one can.

Low Profile Alert Periscopes
Whistler’s Low Profile Alert Periscopes provide an added attention getting visual alert. The two extra LEDs flash on and off when the unit alarms to provide a unique visual alert.

Selectable Total Band Protection
This unit provides complete band coverage of all Laser, Radar (X, K, and Ka bands), VG-2, and Safety Radar bands. You can select which bands to leave on or off based on your detection needs.

3 City Modes/Highway Mode
Highway mode provides full audio and visual warning of laser/radar systems while maintaining full sensitivity. Highway mode is the default setting of all Whistler’s laser/radar detectors. City mode helps reduce the annoyance of automatic door openers and burglar alarm alerts by providing an initial alert (same distance as Highway Mode) then remaining quiet unless the signal strength becomes very strong. When the signal increases the unit will alert briefly to notify you of the change in signal strength.

Tone Alerts
A distinctly different Alert tone is used for each type of signal detected (including separate tones for each laser signal). For X, K and Ka bandradar signals, the tones will repeat faster as you approach the signal source. The repeat rate of the tones gives you useful information about the signal detected.

Stay Alert
The Stay Alert feature is designed to test a driver’s alertness. Within 30 to 60 seconds after the feature is engaged an alert is sounded; to show alertness, the driver must press the volume, city or the mute button within 3-5 seconds. If a button is pressed within 3-5 seconds, the cycle is repeated. If a button was not pressed within 3-5 seconds the unit alarms at full volume and the display shows an unique visual alert.

Dim/Dark Mode
Dim/Dark Mode reduces the illumination of the display. Dim or dark can be engaged during an alert. In Dark Mode, the display goes dark for as long as a signal is being detected and for 20 seconds after, then the display returns to the dimmer setting.

Quiet/Auto Quiet Modes
Pressing QUIET before a signal is detected engages Auto Quiet Mode, which automatically reduces the audio level after the initial warning to a low audio level setting. Pressing QUIET during a radar/laser encounter silences audio alerts, while allowing visual alerts to keep you informed.

Alert Priority
When two or more signals are received at the same time, the alert priority is: Laser, VG-2, Speed Radar, Safety Radar.

Example: If X band is alerting, then suddenly a VG-2 signal is detected, the VG-2 warning will override the X band alert.

Setting Saver
Setting Saver saves your personalized settings so that when the detector is turned off and then on again, you do not have to re-enter them.

Vehicle Battery Saver Mode
The Vehicle Battery Saver Mode automatically shuts off your detector within 3 hours if you forget to turn it off. The timer is reset if the detector is turned off, unplugged or any button is pressed before the 6 hours have expired. The detector will alert you with an audible and visual warning before it shuts off.

Safety Warning System–SWS
This relatively new radar is not for speed detection at all, it is used to keep you informed of highway safety. Transmitters are installed and programmed (for example: in emergency vehicles) to make you aware of possible situations that may require your attention, such as: ambulance vehicles that are moving or stationary, road hazards ahead, road construction delays or detours, etc.

What’s in the Box
Whistler PRO-68SE, Power Cord, Direct Wire Kit, Windshield Mount, Dash Pad, User’s Manual

Product Features

  • High-performance unit detects radar and laser signals, POP mode alerts, Safety Warning System alerts, Laser Atlanta stealth mode
  • Blue numeric icon display provides distinct visual confirmation of signals detected, signal strength, and indicates engaged modes of operation
  • 3 City Modes and Highway Mode for reducing false alerts; Dim/Dark and Quiet/Auto-Quiet modes
  • Filter Mode options provide additional signal processing to minimize the occurrences of false alarms
  • Two year warranty

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  1. Boywonder says:

    Almost As Good As Pro 78SE I have owned the Pro 78SE for over two years now. It has served me well. The Pro 68SE is built on Pro 78 RevC platform.I bought this as a backup. Like the title says, it is almost as good as the Pro 78SE. The detection distance is a little shorter, but still strong enough to give advanced warning. For those of you who suffer false alarms, be sure to turn POP mode off(This I learned from calling Whistler, and speaking to an engineer). If you do, the false alarms, will all but cease…

  2. Basak Oztan says:

    Nice product This is my first radar detector and I’m not an expert on radar detectors but given its price I’m very happy with it so far. Almost all Ka band alarms (this is been said the most popular band in NY state) were true alarms. The unit doesn’t show which direction the signal is coming from but either my lane or the opposite I saw a cop every time. There is only 2-3 instances so far I drove right by a police car and the unit didn’t give any signal but I don’t know if it’s the unit’s fault or the…

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