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Proteus Wifi Temperature Humidity sensors monitor ambient conditions in your home, office or other locations, and alerts you via email or text message. Loud audible buzzer provides immediate notification of alerts. This high accuracy (±0.4°C, ±3.0%RH) Cloud connected sensor can be viewed for live data from your phone. Ideal for homes and RVs where wifi is available. Keep ambient conditions in the know, especially with little ones and pets.

Why Proteus?

• We have the best user interface that makes it easy for just about any one to set it up. No need to be a computer or internet expert.

• Our sensors combine local audible alerts, with email and text notifications. Best of both worlds.

• No need to install any Apps. Dont clutter your phone any more. Just use a web browser and it works from any device. Just like an app.

• 802.11b/g WiFi provides seamless connectivity to your home/ office network

• Add as many emails or contacts as you need. Do not restrict alerts to just one email or phone like other sensors.

• Got a question before purchase? During setup? Talk to us directly. We are here to help.

Product Features

  • Cloud connected WiFi Temperature Humidity sensor with NO monthly charges
  • Connects to your home or office wifi. No hub or gateway required.
  • Sends alerts by email/ text messages to multiple phones and emails.
  • Easy set up, plugs directly into wall outlet. Sensor sticks out 3 inches for improved accuracy. Contact us if you need longer sensor cable.
  • Programmable smart buzzer can be turned off after few minutes to avoid prolonged beep noise

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  1. Anonymous says:

    One Star

  2. Anonymous says:

    This sensor works perfectly with relatively easy setup, so I just got another one! UPDATE 4.4.18: I just added a second Proteus sensor at our second location, and it couldn’t have been easier. What’s nice is that I can use the same account as I did for the original sensor, even though it’s on a different WiFi network. Now, both sensors appear on the same webpage, and each is individually customizable, so you can set different temperature ranges and different notification emails and text. They have recently spruced up their website, too. This is a really great product…

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