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Designed exclusively for DISH programming, the Dish Playmaker and DISH Playmaker Dual are high quality, low cost portables that allow you to quickly acquire DISH satellites automatically with easy set-up, so you can watch DISH TV in HD wherever you go. With the Dish Playmaker you are Always Ready to Play!

Product Features

  • DISH Playmaker Dual Portable Satellite Antenna – Featuring dual coax outputs, watch different programming on two different TVs on the same satellite
  • Easy Setup Portable Antenna – Powered by single coax connection through DISH receiver
  • Fully-Automatic Satellite Dish – Automatically finds DISH HD satellite orbital locations making it easy to watch your favorite TV shows
  • Optional Roof Mount – Optional RK-4000 roof kit allows you to mount the DISH Playmaker satellite antenna to your RV’s roof. Sold Separately.
  • Enjoy DISH TV in HD – Works exclusively with DISH HD solo satellite receiver technology and programming
  • Compatible Receivers – Wally, ViP-211k, ViP211z, ViP-211, ViP- 411

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Set was not easy – Took way too much time. This was our use of Dish, it was not smooth as the commercial would lead you to believe. The biggest issue is the initial placement and direction of the dish. The instructions say point towards the southern sky. The unit is round, one tech said point the handle north, one said point the spot where the cable connects north, neither worked. not being one to give up after 3 days and 7 calls to tech support failed, I spent the after noon rotating it 2 inches at a time until it worked. The handle…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I bought for my RV but was disappointed when I received it and Dish informed me it …

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great Unit, Easy setup.

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