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Winegard SKA-733 TRAV’LER Shaw Direct RV Satellite System – Reflector Kit:

Winegard TRAV’LER antennas view multiple satellites at the same time for a viewing experience just like home, providing the ability to get all programming on all TVs at the same time for maximum viewing pleasure.

TRAV’LER antennas use approved and certified home reflectors for superior signal strength and diminished rain fade.

In The Box:
– Reflector
– Feed Arm

Satellite System Tech Specs
Compatible Satellite Providers: Shaw Direct SD & HD
Satellites Acquired: 107 degrees, 111 degrees
Views 2 satellites simultaneously
Maximum Receiver Capability: 4+
Stationary Use Only
Roof Mount
Intended for RV or Camper Trailer use only

Note: Requires SK-7003 Shaw Direct TRAV’LER Mount

Product Features

  • Shaw Direct HD RV Satellite Antenna – The best of the best, designed to bring you everything that satellite television offers. TRAV’LER automatic multi-satellite antennas provide the same satellite TV viewing experience in your RV as your home!
  • Multi-Satellite Viewing in the RV – View all satellites at the same time for maximum programming. Never miss your favorite shows again! Watch any program, on any TV in the RV, at the same time!
  • Family Friendly TV Viewing – Watch separate satellite programming on multiple TVs simultaneously! Great to use with DVRs, watch and record from different satellites. The TRAV’LER is perfect for families with different viewing needs.
  • Winegard Antenna Experts – Leading US designer and manufacturer of quality TV antenna and signal reception equipment since 1954. Designed and built in the U.S.A.
  • SKA-733 Reflector Kit Only – Requires SK-7003 Shaw Direct TRAV’Ler mount.

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    Not Happy Spent the entire day trying to get this installed with a Winegard 7003 on my RV but it would not work. When it arrived (not in a Winegard box) it was banged up and the dish had some minor damage. After scanning all the channels I realized I was getting a few HD channels but very few SD channels. The next day I swapped the LNB for one I had on a portable dish. Everything worked fine. Consequently, included in the damage is a faulty lnb that only works on one sattelite. It will cost me more…

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