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We have paired the camera to the monitor well before delivery, you do not need to pair it again, just use it directly.

Seller Warranty
– 24 Hours Dedicated Email Customer Support
– 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
– 24 Month Replacement Warranty
– Lifetime Support Guarantee

● What kind of models are recommended?
It is suitable for all vehicle which length is within 80ft. 4.3” monitor, the suction cup bracket can be installed in different places, found out the perfect location for yourself. Three brackets for the zinc metal camera, you can choose different installation place according to your model, so easy.

● The camera can accommodate a variety of harsh external environments.
Zinc metal material for camera case, more sturdy and durable than the plastic one, can be used as normal even in cross-country, heavy rain/snow, high temperature condition.

● Support voltage DC12V-32V
Considering not all models are DC12V, we made it DC12V-32V wide voltage when designed circuit to fit all current automotive voltage ranges.

● Quality control
We are the manufacturer, not the trader, all the quality is controlled by our own team. Our factory has passed ISO9001: 2015 certification, product are certified by FCC also.Before delivery, product need to pass aging test between -4°F to 160°F for 8 hours and waterproof test in 3ft depth to make sure it is in good condition.

● About color and nightvision
Green color turn into displays in gray during daytime, This occures as we add a filter to the lens of camera. It is considered from the view of better nightvision, it would help you to get better image when backing your car in the night. Reversing safety all the time is our most careness. Please do NOT purchase it if you mind this.

Product Features

  • ❤〖Upgraded Digital Wireless with 100% No Interference〗:Digital wireless signal, no interference, high definition , wireless transmitting distance up to 200ft in open area, suitable for all vehicle within 100ft
  • ❤〖Stable Signal in High-speed Driving〗:Camera wireless signal can stay smooth and clear even car speeds up to 70mile
  • ❤〖Wild Harsh Environment No Problem〗: Zinc metal material wireless rear view camera, anti-vibration and anti-corrosion ability, waterproof rate up to IP69, can be used as normal in extreme climates, for example, heavy rain or heavy snow, night vision for 20ft distance. Wide viewing angle with 140 degrees, covering 90% blind area back of the car to make sure safe drive
  • ❤〖Easy Installation〗: 4.3” Wireless LCD monitor with suction cup bracket, built-in wireless receiver module, the guild line can be turned on/off by the button. It won’t take you over 2 minutes to install the monitor, as soon as you plugged it to the cigarette lighter, then it works. Camera built-in wireless transmitter module, power connected to reversing light (monitoring when backing up) or ACC (for long time monitoring), What you need is just a screwdriver
  • ❤〖Special Offer〗:Three different installation ways for the wireless reversing camera, can be used for all different models. Very easy installation

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Very good shopping experience Very good shopping experience! The RV we just bought was almost 40ft and reversing was a tough job. To fix it, I compared some fancy products at Amazon, and in the end I chose this equipment of YUWEI. Less than forty-eight hours after payment, I got the product and I only took less than an hour to complete the installation. And it can support the DC12V-32V voltage. I did not need to add a step-down device. The installation was quite fast and easy, as they described. I just needed a screwdriver…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Stable signal, easy set up, great picture. I’ve had this camera connected to my car for a couple of months now. Connection was simple. I used the license plate bracket and ran the wire behind my tail light fixture. It only takes a pair of pliers to connect the wires to your reverse lights. The reciever is suctioned to my windshield and plugged into a multiplug lighter adapter. It picked right up, no connection required.The picture is clear during the day as well as at night. I have had no failures or problems with it…

  3. Anonymous says:

    The Best I have purchased other units similar to this before. This is superior to any of them. The quality and performance is excellent. The package contains a variety of camera mounting brackets allowing you to choose which is best for your application. I found the monitor very clear. It also allows you to turn off the parking brackets. Built in transmitter and receiver make for a very easy installation.What really sold me on this wireless camera system was the ISO9001-2015. This approval does…

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